Everything is Connected

A global art and science project with Kostya Novoselov

The Night of the Counting of Years

Moulin à Papier Richard de Bas, 9 July - 19 November 2019.

Museum in Ambert, France.

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British artist Kate Daudy and Russian physicist Kostya Novoselov are working together on an art + science project which links unlikely and disparate locations together through a series of exhibitions and written interventions across the world.

This is the 5th location in which the humanitarian project has appeared; the first written interventions were across the entire city of Manchester in the UK in 2018. Then Vienna, Austria, Selfridges department store in London inside a glass tank, a performance piece at the World Mobile Conference in Barcelona in February 2019, and now here inside the working 15th century paper mill at Richard de Bas, Ambert, Auvergne.

The work at the mill uses hand made paper from the mill. It features an exploration of core human qualities we share from Kate Daudy, alongside pen and ink drawings by Nobel Prize winning scientist Kostya Novoselov illustrating the infinite connections possible when dividing Möbius strips.

The overarching conceptual project illustrates the indisputable truth that everything is connected: something Daudy and Novoselov propose it is worth considering when evaluating how one chooses to see things and how one chooses to act.

Upcoming manifestations within the programme include writing across the city of Jerusalem, on the Greenwich meridian, and in Moscow, Russia.

We Can Talk About It In The Car

Manchester - September 2018

A Manchester-wide installation about Home and Identity

Commissioned by ArtReach, and supported by the Arts Council England

An Act of Faith, National Graphene Institute

Manchester - October 2018

Permanent written interventions, in collaboration with Kostya Novoselov

Art Tank, Selfridges

London - January 2019

World-renowned artists in the Selfridges windows

Part of Selfridges’ State of the Arts programme

And After That, We Didn’t Talk.

World Mobile Congress, Barcelona - 25-28 February 2019

A performance piece incorporating graphene lettering


5th edition of the Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, 12 September - 1 December 2019.