Kate Daudy Studio presents ‘Am I My Brother’s Keeper?’
at Saatchi Gallery from 23rd May – 2nd June

“Am I My Brother’s Keeper?” is an immersive multi-media art work about home and identity.


It comprises now a podcast made in collaboration with cutting-edge UK radio station Rinse FM, a short film made by US documentary maker Odessa Rae, which has been seen by some 3.5 million people, a UNHCR desert tent in which a family lived for several months, on which Daudy inscribed observations from refugees from nearly 60 countries, and a funding project in Syria which commissioned crochet circles to be made by internally displaced ladies there.


It is a work about human possibility.


To research the work, Daudy travelled around the Middle East and Europe asking diplomats, refugees, psychologists, aid workers, doctors, peace-workers, volunteers, religious leaders and soldiers from nearly 60 countries for anything that could be learned for the future from this deep crisis, which now affects some 65 million people. 


The positive response to these interviews have generated further questions and an array of artworks, a film, a series of talks, processions and participatory performance pieces as the work travels around Europe and, from 2020, the United States, with the aim of raising an awareness of mans capacity to transcend circumstance and strive for a better future. The dignity and grace of the people she met touched Daudy all the more for the devastating nature of their circumstances.  “Our life is what our thoughts make it,” as Marcus Aurelius says.


Daudy funded this endeavour through the sale of her own work. She has now given the tent to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) as a gift. She is interested in illuminating power structures and using the visual arts as a means of bringing about discourse that might contribute toward social and political change. Although disruptive, her work is full of optimism. While our current world circumstances can seem so dire, the future remains in our hands. “Falling”, as Hito Steyerl observes, “does not necessarily mean falling apart.”


‘Am I My Brother’s Keeper’ began life as a UNHCR refugee tent. Now it has toured the UK, bringing its message of hope to people across the country. Click here to read more


Clear Blue Skies: A film by Odessa Rae with Marc Streitenfeld. Thanks also to Moby